SAM Tan is a clinical psychologist working in private practice, in Australia.  He has doctoral degree in clinical and health psychology. He is fascinated with human emotions, human relationships and how these two affect each other.  He has spent a large part of his professional career learning how to transform emotions.  He is also interested about how to live authentically.  He has a passion for conveying the complex world of emotions and ideas for authentic living simply and practically.  He also likes to explore different mediums for conveying these ideas and methods, including writing, and in art-form.



ERIC Tan is a clinical psychologist in private practice, also in Australia.  He qualified with doctoral degree in clinical psychology.  He is interested in self-improvement, ideas of becoming free from painful emotional patterns, living without fear, and living without being fixated on ideas.  He loves to convey these ideas in writing, believing that the written word has enormous potential to enter the psyche of the reader and spark something beautiful.  He loves to convey his ideas in drawing as well.