We’re doing a pay-it-forward project!


We’ve all had times when we get caught up in stuck emotional patterns.  Some of us are still caught up in them!  We might find ourselves constantly being worried despite things going well in our lives.  Or we might struggle with persistent self-doubt, bouts of low mood, repeatedly reacting angrily when we’ve committed ourselves to stay calm.  Sometimes, we might experience persistent emotions that keep us on edge, but for no clear reasons.

Stuck emotional patterns make our lives unpleasant, miserable and stressful.  So we want to freely share a skill of changing these emotional patterns so that you can start to feel more contented, at peace, feel more alive, and ultimately feel more comfortable in your own skin.

It’s all explained in this little easy-to-read book below.  We’ve designed it to be very user-friendly.  There is no copyright for this book so please grab a copy!

We strongly believe that everyone should have a skill like this because everyone deserves to be happier.    So please, download this book now, try the skill out, have a bit of fun with it!  Then, pay it forward!  Share this message along with a copy of this little book with at least one more person. It is our wish that as many people as possible can benefit from it.  Ask the next person to pay it forward again! 

Thank you so much.

Download it HERE



Here's an article I've written on the TinyBuddha blog on how I transformed my longstanding anxiety.  Enjoy.  Eric.


Welcome to our series of podcasts.  In each episode we will share stories about how people use the 4-Step Focusing Approach (or Snowflake Approach) to transform their emotions.  We hope you will enjoy the stories and find them useful in your own lives.

Episode 1 - Listening In, Listening Deeply.  In this very first episode, learn what the 4-Step Focusing approach to emotional transformation involves.  Listen to Mark's story of emotional transformation as he listens deeply to his difficult emotions instead of running away from them.

Episode 2 - I Feel Nothing.  In our second episode, we share Tim's struggles with feeling his emotions.  Feeling nothing or being disconnected from our emotions is becoming more and more common, and can impact on our lives and relationship.  Listen to how Tim uses the 4-Step Focusing approach to learn to start to feel again.

Episode 3 - Anxiety. In this third episode, we share Lilian's struggles with anxiety.  Strong anxiety is the common flu of mental health and affects many people.  There are many reasons why strong anxiety can arise and stay within our system.  Let's listen to how Lilian uses the 4-Step Focusing approach to re-negotiate her relationship with anxiety.

Episode 4 - Self-Doubt.  Everyone doubts themselves from sometimes, particularly when we are venturing into new territory.  Self-doubt can become crippling if it becomes one's general state of being - we doubt our abilities to do even the smallest things, we doubt our decisions and we doubt our way of being.  In this episode, the 4-Step Focusing approach is applied to addressing self-doubt.

Episode 5 - Emotional Vulnerability.  Being emotionally vulnerable means allowing ourselves to feel difficult and strong emotions.  It also means opening up and sharing these emotions with others.  Many of us struggle with doing these for different reasons.  In this episode, the 4-Step Focusing approach is used as a gentle approach to making it easier for us to be emotionally vulnerable with ourselves and others.

Episode 6 - I Hate Myself.  Self-criticism and self-hatred has become the pandemic of mental health in our day and age.  It fuels both anxiety and depression.  We may experience it as an internal voice that tells us that we are not doing enough or that we are simply not good enough.  In this episode, the 4-Step Focusing approach is used to help us reconcile the critical part of our psyche with the rest of our being.