"Books are the windows through which the soul looks out" 

- Henry Ward Beecher


Scared to talk people?  Find it easier to hide in a corner?  Can't take compliments?  Worried that people will hate you?  BUT dying to connect with people?  Then this book will give you a systematic way to get from people scared to deep connections.

naturally joyful cover2.png

Some people seem to just be filled with natural joy and contentment, no matter how things are going for them.  Ever wondered how they got to this point?  Want a piece of that? We hope to share one way of getting there in our little book.


Want your kids to grow up emotionally healthy?  Want to have a simple framework to guide them when they are feeling anxious, angry or sad?  We feel you.  After all, one of the best ways for children to become emotionally mature is for grown ups to spend time with them.  We designed this book specifically with this need in mind - as a grown up, you can use this (work)book to together with your child so that they will gradually learn to do it by themselves.   

E-BOOK Versions

We have EBOOK versions of our books, which you can read using Kindle and Android technologies.  To purchase the EBOOK version of:

1) Dying To Connect But Scared To Death, click this button:

2) A Little Book On Being Naturally Joyful, click this button:



Coming soon! 

I'll be running Emotional Coaching Sessions at the Centre for Human Potential, Brisbane, Australia.  where I'll share the wonderful life-skill of Focusing!  It is the same skill that Ethan Gaskill (see our Pay-it-Forward project above) used to transform his anxiety.  It's also what I used to transform mine (see my TinyBuddha article above).  If you want to learn a new skill to transform your own emotions, or if you are struggling with:

1) Stuck life issues

2) Stuck emotional patterns

3) Stuck or problematic emotional communication patterns that really affect your relationships

Then these sessions might be helpful for you!

Be sure to stay tuned!