Training and Supervision (Page Under Construction)

Sam and Eric offer training courses for both health professionals and members of the public.  Sam is a STAP-trained and Board-Approved Clinical Supervisor in Psychology.  See below for more details.

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Sam provides supervision for 

1. Psychologists seeking endorsement as clinical psychologists (i.e., Clinical Psychology Registrar program)

2. Provisional Psychologists undertaking the Masters / Doctorate of Psychology program.

He also provides peer supervision for psychologists and other mental health professionals. 

Sam's interest in supervision includes:

1. Humanistic-Existential Therapist (Focusing-Oriented Therapy, Emotion-Focused Therapy, Psychodynamically-Informed Therapy)

2. (Childhood) Trauma, Attachment Issues, LGBTQ issues, Existential issues, Process Issues in Therapy

For psychologists seeking supervision, please contact Sam at



Focusing: Emotion-Focused Guided Discovery (Workshop for trainee / early-career psychologists)

About the workshop:

  • Do you find yourself struggling to respond to client’s emotional reactions (e.g., too little response, too much response, no response)?
  • Do you find therapy sessions to be very emotionally flat and too “intellectual”?
  • Do you feel the need to converse with your clients in such a way as to help them transform their emotions during your sessions?

Focusing is an emotion-focused series of steps that can be woven into other forms of therapy and in your therapeutic conversation with your clients to help them explore and transform their emotions.

For expressions of interest, please email use at